The Best Little Museum In Texas

By: Sierra Dyson

Did you know that there is a historical museum located in De Leon, Texas that features items from both World Wars, local history, and a bit of Elvis Presley memorabilia? Well, there is and you really need to visit it when you are coming through the area.

The De Leon Area Historical Society opened the De Leon Area Historical Museum in August of 2018 after discussing the idea of creating a museum to preserve the town’s history for several years. Members worked together to find the perfect location to make the dream a reality and ended up obtaining the old train depot from the city. However, while the society is in the process of renovating the old building, their temporary residence is located at 173 N Texas Street in De Leon. At this location, they have begun gathering memorabilia and setting up the museum while the depot is still under construction. 

We would also have you know that right across the street at 166 N Texas is what is known as “The Wall Of Recall.” This is a bit of Texas History in itself. The Wall Of Recall was created in the 1980’s by a local named Charles Chupp. Mr. Chupp and a friend of his conceived the idea to create “one last picture show” in De Leon that still remains today. Individuals come from all over the world to see their unique artwork. 

The museum is open from 10 AM to 4 PM Wednesday through Saturday, and boasts a large collection of military paraphernalia, uniforms, and medals as well as other historical pieces (we mentioned Elvis too, right?) Some of the museum’s featured pieces include a parking meter that once stood on Texas Street as well as two telephone switchboards that Totelcom has loaned them. The museum also has sections from The Central Texas-MKT Railroad, the small communities around DeLeon, schools that once existed in the area, and finally local artists and authors from the area as well.

There is also a featured art exhibit from Lillian Price that is titled, “Happy Days” that is  on display, and includes over 60 paintings about rural Texas. This exhibit is really something for art enthusiasts to behold and it is worth the trip.  

Lillian Cogburn Price wanted her daughter and grandchildren to know about her childhood in 1906 to 1913 in rural Texas. So, she started painting her recollections and wrote short stories about each painting. Now the paintings are displayed at the museum to let others know what life was like a hundred years ago in the area. It has been described as whimsical, nostalgic, and wholesome by viewers. 

With that being said, The DeLeon Area Historical Museum is an amazing collection of artifacts and pictures of this area — people, businesses, and events that have made it a strong farming area still today.  It really is The Best Little Museum In Texas!

Everyone is invited and encouraged to see the collection which is growing and changing on a regular basis.

You can visit their Facebook page HERE for more updates. Or feel free to call them at 254-893-2925 or send an email at Once you are here, don’t forget to stop by the Terrill Antique Car Museum for more history or The Chaos Trading Company to pick up something created by local artists or a souvenir.


2 thoughts on “The Best Little Museum In Texas

  1. My father was born in DeLeon in 1913. His father is buried there. My father was one of the McClellans from way back when. I may have something to donate to the Museum.


    1. Thank you! You should contact them and let them know. I am sure they will be very thankful for your contribution.


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